We have 600,000 Tons of Sulfur for Export to Pakistan , India , China and the World

🟠 We have #Iraqi #yellow #sulfur produced by the "North Gas Company" in Kirkuk-Iraq. For export outside Iraq at reasonable prices.

We have a new contract dated 22-7-2023 with "SOMO" * the official Iraqi oil Marketing Company *
Marketing outlets //:
1- Umm Qasr port - Basra
2- Marcin port - Türkiye
3- Iskenderun Port - Türkiye
4- The Iraqi-Jordanian exchange square between the two borders - Al-Nabr area
🟠 Our available quantity is 600,000 tons 🟠
Quantities can be ordered according to your request
Type of sell : FOB
Payment method is a bank credit system [ (LC) Letter of credit ]
The contract is signed with the contracting company directly
Announcement date starting from17-8-2023
For inquiries & more details , contact us by clicking Here
[ شركة أوسمة السلام ]
Awsemat Al-salam Company - the official and authorized exporter of sulfur for the "North Gas Company" in Kirkuk / Iraq
We are Iraqi sulfur export company -


We export sulfur from iraq which have the largest sulfur reserves in the world 👍

Awsemat alsalam اوسمة السلام

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Awsemat Alsalam Company


  • Location :

    * Iraq / Baghdad / Al-Mansour _ Al-Rawad _ the side street opposite the Daragh neighborhood mosque
    * Iraq / Basra / Zubair - Al-Mirbad - near the fire station
    * Iraq / Kirkuk / Baghdad street - Ayelati side street